All the world

Christmas 2014 28 nationalities took part in the sermonWe had a lovely Christmas service last night and this morning. This morning, in the end we had 26 nationalities brave enough to stand up front and make a ‘Christmas Card’ (Our Sri Lankans and Malagasy were too shy – wondering what I might get them all to do once up front! Can’t think why. 😉 ) Each nationality could choose who they would be so our line up included a midwife and nurse, a security guard for the Inn, and a number of other interesting folk besides Mary and Joseph and four Wise men. Our Indonesian, Pakistani, and Zimbabwean families were all away so that would have made it even more but we still had every continent. Ours is not exactly an ‘English’ church and it’s going to be quite a change if we do end up in the UK next year!

Happy Christmas to all the world!

For those who missed our Christingle services in Academic City, we have another one on Sunday evening in Jebel Ali at 6pm :-)

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