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king-james-bible-christ-church-jebel-ali I’ve read eleven versions of the bible in my time, and even a large portion of the Douay Version which predates the King James Version, but I’ve never read the King James Version.

It’s 400th anniversary, and the accompanying programmes that I can’t watch about it (they being the the UK), make me wonder if it wasn’t time I read it. I find it difficult to understand and I puzzle that so many Pentecostals using our church swear by it (as it were) even though, I would have thought, they would have found it even more difficult to understand it than I do because English isn’t their native language for the most part.

Still pondering, but perhaps I’ll give it a go.

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  1. Hi Steve and Christ Church,

    When I was first trained as a Lay Reader by Fr. Donald Goodness (great name for a priest, eh?) and having degrees in Linguistics and language education, I would always prepare by reading my lesson in the RSV, KJV and the Good News Bibles (if you know me at all, it will be easy to guess my preference). I found it helpful to do this because it widened my understanding of the text even though I believe that one should not “act” the reading but be solely the mouthpiece for the Holy Spirit working through oneself.

    The King James was particularly helpful in gaining new insight because having studied German for many years (and English being a Germanic language) some of the more “archaic” English words were actually quite easy for me to understand and often lent a semantic “twist” that one would not find in the more modern vernacular.

    Anyway, Steve…go for it! And if you want to have a truly historial and tactical experience (especially in these days of Kindles) contact and order the Oxford University Press 400th Anniversary 1611 Facsimile edition. The binding is a dark maroon with the classic OED lettering and symbol on the spine. The gilt edged pages are like silk between your fingers and it contains the Order of Psalms and Lessons for MP and EP, the Apocrypha and other delights in addition to the OT and NT. It comes in a matching hard case and it is unbelieveably affordable, a book lover’s beauty.

    I trust Christ Church had a meaningful Ash Wednesday and is sharing together the journey that is Lent. Each year Ascension parishioners put together a devotional wherein different people contribute their meditations on particular Bible readings and we have a series of House Eucharists in parishioners’ homes with potluck dinners and themed discussions after a simple (no bells and smells!) HE. Ash Wednesday is imposition of ashes followed by HE in the church. However, each Lent I think of you, Steve, because I was there for your first Lent, Holy Week and Easter at Christ Church and I remember how hard you worked to make them meaningful. Remember the Maundy Thursday Seder?!!

    Thank you for sending out the info on relief for Japan in your newsletter. I will be working with my Japanese colleagues at the UN School in selling raffle tickets and will also contribute to ECUSA.

    Hope to see you maybe next year.

    Easter is coming!

    All the best from New York City,

    Patty Smith

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