Intercultural Interreligion Interaction

I had the first of what may be an interesting series of meetings of leaders from different faith communities at the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding today.

A few of us from different religious backgrounds gathered to discuss whether we thought it useful to gather different religious leaders together in Dubai, firstly so we could get to know one another, and secondly to see if there was anything we could do, different religious groups together, for the good of Dubai, where doing it together would carry an extra message that would strengthen the society of Dubai.

I was a bit wary of getting into something that was going to turn into something I didn’t really want to be part of, but would be unable to back out once started without causing offence, but at the same time, if there’s an opportunity for Christians, Muslims and others to understand one another better and dispel any wrong stereotypes we have of each other, then I want to support it. We were meeting to understand one another, and to see if there’s useful things we could do together.

All sorts of vague thoughts swim through my mind.

We thought it would be useful to meet again next month.