Easter Blessing at Christ Church Jebel Ali

I’ve always enjoyed doing something a little unexpected but sometimes it takes a while for plans to come to fruition. God takes his time sometimes in getting on with something – hundreds of years to decide what to do about Israel’s failure, but then He did something unexpected that first Easter Day – quite a lot more unexpected than we have managed, and His event will have an impact infinitely more wonderful than what we’ve ever done. But with God setting such a precedent it seems only fitting to do something surprising to celebrate Easter and so we did it.

I first heard The Easter Song (by Glad) years ago at university and loved it, but more recently, a few years ago, I heard it again and thought “hmmmm, I’d like to do a flash dance to that” (they hadn’t been thought of when I was at university). It seemed that an Easter Day service would be a good time. And this year’s Easter blessing was the moment! The video does not carry the surprise of the congregation – you really should have been there!

Still, it’s never too late to celebrate – come every Friday at 9.30am or Sunday at 7.30pm 😉

Alleluia, The Lord is risen! He is risen indeed. Alleluia!