So, you are newcomer to Dubai? We hope that if you are thinking about coming to Dubai – or you have just arrived in Dubai – you will enjoy this strange and wonderful city that has grown out of the desert!

You will of course have done your homework and discovered that there are millions of fascinating websites and a whole host of other sources of information about the UAE in general and Dubai in particular. And we certainly aren’t going to try and collect all that information in one place on our website!

But what we have tried to do is gather a selection of local websites and other sources of information that the members of our church have found useful – not just for arriving and settling in, but also some good places to start looking for information, links to a variety of churches and denominations that are here for you, places to eat, good hotels, touristy type things … and hopefully much more.

Places we like – but there are no website links that we can find!

The White Star Shops at the Beach Centre – for all your craft related needs (recommended by Steve!)

The Music Room, also in the Beach Centre – for all your musical needs :-)

Clickable Links – please suggest more!  Just email them to us using the contact form.

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We have made every effort to ensure that the websites we link to are ‘family appropriate’.  CCJA does not endorse any information, products or  claims made on any of the linked websites, neither do we take responsibility for the accuracy or ‘up-to-date-ness’ of the information contained in them.