In case you haven’t guessed, almost every church in the Middle East region calls their children’s church or kid’s ministry “Friday School” simply because it happens on a Friday, not a Sunday!  But we know that the name can still seem a bit unusual when you first come to a new church.  Our groups are for your children who are between 3 and 18 years of age.

Epiphany 2012 Kent Stephen and children 1

We also have a Baby Room which is available throughout the services for those of you with younger children (please note that this is not a creche) – the service is relayed into this room so you won’t miss anything! And if you are considering having your child baptised, or even a thanksgiving for your child, take a look at this page.

Friday School takes place during most Friday morning services – the Chaplain usually gives the children a brief introduction before they leave for their various classes. We use the ‘Living Stones’ resources and materials and aim to provide a good range of age-appropriate activities for the children (which can include arts and crafts, drama, stories, discussion, singing and prayer) that will help them focus on the bible passages that have been read during the service.  From time to time we also prepare something that we can share with the whole congregation, like a song, puppet show or drama (like the nativity play) and the kids (and grown-up kids!) thoroughly enjoy this.

So whether you are a first time visitor, or you have been coming for a while but your children haven’t joined us yet – please, come along and sign up!  You can download the registration form at the bottom of this page, complete it and just bring it along when you deliver your son/daughter to their class!

Get involved at CCJA today!WE NEED YOUR HELP!
Friday school is led and made possible entirely by volunteers, and with more team members each of us would get the opportunity to just ‘do church’ once in a while! We provide all the resources, which are really good! If you are interested (or even just want to ‘give it a try’) get in touch with us using the online contact form.

Teachers and assistants needed for Friday School

So, which group?

Little Pebbles (3 and 4 years)
~ meet in the small room at the back of the church (on the right if you are facing the doors)

Big Pebbles (5 to 7 years)
~ meet in the room to the left of the altar – so you have to go out the door behind the piano / music team and turn right!

Rocks (8 to 10 years)
~ meet upstairs in the room at the far end of the Church Office.

Boulders (11 to 15+)
~ meet in rooms 1 and 2 upstairs.
We also try to have a social or activity event every month for these young people and there is also a ‘Boulders’ Facebook Group (details from the Boulders Coordinator) which the group members are making good use of!

Download registration forms for Little Pebbles, Big Pebbles and Rocks or Boulders.