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New Sonapur Cemetery – Courtesy of Gulf News

If you have reached this page because you are suddenly in the position of arranging a funeral, then do come to the church and find a welcome or phone us on (04) 884 5436, or get in touch using the contact form.

And if you are reading this because it was here, and ‘in case you need to know’, then think – what would you like them to say about YOU? And start to live well!

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In this country it is often expected that family and friends do most of the running around for paperwork and so on and undertakers are often not used, however if you would like some help, Middle East Funeral Services are a good starting place.

Readings & Psalms
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Funerals can be with the deceased person in church, or by the graveside or crematorium. It may be that the person has been flown home and a memorial service in church is what you need. Part of the purpose of a church service is to give thanks to God for all the good in the life of the person we remember. We commend them to God before committing their body to the ground. Even if they were the most difficult person to get on with, and we may feel guilt at our own lack of forgiveness toward them, we should still find it in our hearts to give thanks for them. We share a faith in Jesus Christ and a common inheritance with God our Father in heaven.

I always advise people to be honest at funerals; don’t have a sweet Mozart and The Lord’s my Shepherd service, whitewashing the deceased with boundless niceties when the person who died was a stubborn and rebellious so and so, and/or the life and soul of the party every week needing to be carried home, the motorbike picked up next day. Give them the music they would have wanted, speak the words that celebrate their life, not the life you hope the vicar believes they lived. Who are you fooling? It won’t feel right.

God created joy and gladness, pleasure and delight, love, peace and fellowship. However we misuse our lives or forget to consciously remember Him in our hearts, it is right to come to church at least to give thanks for what is now ended.

Support us, O Lord,
all the day long of this troublous life,

until the shadows lengthen
and the evening comes,

the busy world is hushed,
the fever of life is over and our work is done.
Then, Lord, in your mercy,
grant us a safe lodging,

a holy rest, and peace at the last;
through Christ our Lord. Amen
(From the Funeral Service)