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Lent - home group study - Christ Church Jebel Ali

Click on the button below to download the 1st of the Bible Studies for Lent, starting in the last week of January.

There are 4 studies leading up to Lent. Then there will be 5 studies during Lent and 1 study for after Easter. A total of 10. If you don’t want to use the pre-lent studies, no problem. The 6 studies for Lent stand on their own. Don’t be freaked out by the 3 attachments here! Here’s what they are:

  1. The basic Bible study to use the week of Jan. 29.
  2. Leader’s notes for the Bible study with suggestions for leading, preliminary answers and a few bits of important information you can use as mini-teaching points to help your group go deeper in discussion.
  3. Home Group Leader Tips that offer some practical helps to serve you and your groups.

Don’t hesitate to make whatever changes you see fit for the good of your groups. And don’t hesitate to contact Becky on beckydstephen[at]gmail.com if you’ve got questions or input for future studies.

With prayers that we will grow in our love for the scriptures and for the One who’s revealed in them.

Download the study guide

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