King James Version again

King James bible discoveredI pondered, in a blog entry at the beginning of the year, about reading the King James Version of the bible.

Eventually I got round to thinking I actually would, but wanted the complete KJV, not just the modern ‘protestant version’ as it were. Couldn’t find it anywhere though, and thought I might have to wait until I went home this summer and buy one there. But during the renovation work at Holy Trinity last week, while they were clearing out the cupboards they found… sounds like the King Josiah finding the book of the Law story doesn’t it! …they found a King James Bible with Apocrypha. Having been rescued from the renovators I have borrowed it.

It compares to a normal bible as a mobile phone from 20 years ago compares to a phone today so I won’t be taking it on holiday – it’s 32cms x 26cms x 10cms and heavy, with no page numbers so I can’t even plan how many pages a day to read so I can read it by the end of the year – not that I have ever managed to keep to such schemes exactly any more than to a Lenten resolution, though they give an aim.

I’ve already read the translators letter to James, and the translators introduction to the reader – though you may as well call it a defence to the reader – they sound like I feel before a Council meeting – having been given a task to do and done it, they now prepare their defence against the opposition because since being told to do the job, all those who don’t like what the King/Council decided last time have been shouting against them for doing it! LOL.

There’s no more prefaces, preambles, forwards, appendixes, addendums, postcripts or codicils so now there’s nothing left but to begin the great read.

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