Holy Week Services

Easter week at Christ Church Jebel Ali

Last year we had the Bishop here and he led us each evening of Holy Week in a series of reflections. It was the first time I’d had a Holy Week in the way I’d set the whole week apart rather than just half that week – you can see what was going through my mind here (http://christchurchjebelali.com/holy-week/). I found it such a rich experience that I decided to do the same thing this year.

It’s been a menace again for those who see an Easter break as simply a holiday, but I find my heart drawn closer to God the nearer I get to it – it’s a special time, like a holiday yes, but specifically with God. I am used to going away for retreats, for special times to be with God, but this is a special time with God with my Christian family in my normal office/work environment and my normal gathering place. Normally I travel to meet him, but in Holy Week he comes to my place. (Need I show how God in Christ comes to us more deeply even than this?).

And so I invite you to join me in a Holy Week. Do come for the services of course, and add more: find a way at home and at work to make it somehow a week set apart from all other weeks.

30th March: 9.30am Palm Friday
1st April: 7.30pm Palm Sunday
2nd April: 7.30pm Tenebrae – Hall 5
3rd April: 7.30pm Taize Night – Hall 6
4th April: 7.30pm Stations of the Cross – Hall 6
5th April: 7.30pm Maundy Thursday
6th April: 9.30am Good Friday
8th April: Easter Day
– 4.30am Meditation – The Watch
– 5.30am Early Service
– 9.30am if you missed the early rise
– 7.30pm for the late crowd

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  1. Hello, I was trying to understand what time services were on Good Friday. Is there only the evening service advertised above at 9.30pm?
    Thank you in advance for clarifying.

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