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hands_40This last month we have been enjoying showing off our parish to a visiting ordinand from Cramner Hall in Durham, UK. We have enjoyed her interaction with us too – you can see some of what she got up to here. Her description of church in England makes me realise in part how extraordinary life is here compared to there (or is that there compared to here? Is anywhere ‘normal’?). I am struck also by how the same human frailties show themselves in church life in different places.

In our parish we are particularly conscious of our frailties at the moment as we face an Extraordinary General Meeting of church members in September to discuss a number of proposals – I will give details in church by the end of August. We have an unexpected extra council meeting scheduled in two weeks and I do wonder what else will be coming up then. I ask your prayers for our chaplaincy, for Archdeacon Bill Shwartz, and for our Bishop, Michael Lewis and all who advise him. With regard to Bishop Michael I would ask your prayers particularly at this time for his family.

God reaches out to touch our lives and we reach out to God, but too often it looks like we don’t quite make contact. And yet, we actually can, and we do.

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  1. Letter from Athens – Greece

    Provided that we understand that prayer is not only to make requests to God, but also to offer thanks to him for that all that we have, once a day is the absolute minimum. Thank him for providing us with food, water, and even the oxygen we breathe, and that unlike thousands stranded on Mount Sinjar in Iraq. we are not facing genocide because we are Christians. Thank him also for providing places for Christian worship in the Middle East, and to ask those who seemingly jeopardize this concession (by apparent infighting), to consider that Christians in the Kingdom have no legal access to such worship. (I was one of those who risked a beating and possible jailing, by attending a weekly church service in Jeddah).

    Even though e left Dubai in June 2013, we still pray that the congregations thank God for what they already have, when others have suffered death and deprivation for refusing to renounce their Christian faith.

    Jonathan Croucher

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