COGs update for May

Here is the latest report from Mairead who coordinates the COGs activities at Christ Church:

Our April event was cancelled due to its conflict with Easter so the May event included two month’s collection of lost property plus a considerable amount of donations that were made direct to the church office (for which we were very grateful). We needed two times for sorting; Wed 10am and Wed 6.30 to get through the massive amount of stuff. Many thanks to the 22 people who assisted in this.

So I am very pleased to report that as a result of all the hard work we were able to give double the help to our usually charities – Mission to Seafarers, Arthritis Foundation, Al Ishan Educational Fund and Church Charities so that they won’t miss out.

We have an ever increasing number of regular folk, many of whom are lined up ready to burst into the hall when we open at 10.30. And many thanks to our own volunteers – Harveena & Sanjiv & Arkash, Sarah & Milly, Karen, Dora, the Jolly’s –Martin, Chris, Maddy and Sarah, Jad & Sophie, Rukei& Rukshani, Nok & Poi, Emma & Troy, plus our ever helpful 11 volunteers from Lola in Volunteers in Dubai. Each month our helpers become more independent, take on many new roles and give constructive advice making my part in this much easier, for which I am very grateful. Also many thanks go to Greg who takes the Holy Trinity donations and this month he is going to brave the complicated route to Al Ishan to do their delivery. Jit and Roydon, the church caretakers, are also very helpful.

However our most surprising news this month is that we raised even more due to the enterprising entrepreneurship of Mark Coady. Our favourite hotel had 200 used huge bean bags called Fatboys to dispose of and Mark managed to sell over 140 of them to friends and colleagues. In addition he helped with our huge amount of unsellable beach toys and found a nursery school that could benefit from a car load of them. So many thanks Mark.

Donations this month went to; Al Ishan, Ajman; car load of clothes, towels and toys – this charity supports families who have lost their breadwinner; via Pastor Dinesh a suitcase of assorted clothes for orphans in Ethiopia; Holy Trinity Thrift Shop: The Lord’s Fork Life Truck Company in Sharjah who take soiled towels/clothes; K9 Friends (very old unsellable towels) and finally Lineta gave donation for toys and towels for her Mother and Child Nursery that she hopes to set up in Colombo. We also have a small suitcase full of 270 pairs of spectacles for Christchurch Yemen if you know of anyone who goes there.

Our next sale is Friday 1st June 10.30 til 2pm

Thank you all for your support


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