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St Luke's Church, Ras Al Khaimah

St Luke's Church, Ras Al Khaimah

Spent some time up north yesterday. Interesting how the new St. Luke’s is coming on. They are planning an opening ceremony with the Bishop on October 18th so there’s an advance date for your diaries. If you go and have a look now to see how it’s going on, don’t bother washing your car before you go – the dust there is amazing – the finest powder I’ve ever seen and if you drive through it fast…those downwind will curse you but it looks amazing!

While there we sized up somewhere that might be suitable to hold our annual Synod in 2013. We would like synod to be held in the UAE and the Al Hamra Palace Hotel looks a nice place and should be open by then 😉 Hope they can give a good price, though how we show the delegates the rest of the UAE from there would be interesting – perhaps charter a private 150 seater plane from Um Al Quwain and parachute out over St. Andrew’s Abu Dhabi – go go go! ? LOL. While we were gawping at that wonderful place, and the Al Hamra fort next door (also a nice looking venue), we ate in the Al Hamra Mall at Feast International Buffet and Steakhouse where we met Charlie Chaplain – from India, but he could really do the walk and stuff and looked the part. Charlie’s going back next week but the Buffets staying – I can recommend it.

And when I got back, there were 20 christmas trees about to be unloaded – we want to have a Christmas tree competition/festival at Christ Church in December this year and they were a good price, it not being that close to the season. Even beat the shops in England who will be selling Christmas decor in a month or so. The idea is that each tree is ‘sponsored’ by a different group, decorated in an appropriate style perhaps for their group. Then for a week at the end of term you can roam the forest admiring them all, and so on.

If you have any other ideas as to where would be a good place to invite our diocesan synod to meet in 2013, do say – but the catch is, it’s got to be comparable with prices in Cyprus!


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