Christmas previews underway

Nativity manger with really baby (800x533)When it comes, the Dubai Christmas warm up comes in a rush. Over the last week 6 carols services with one more to enjoy tonight. Then it’s over! Funny how Dubai always does Christmas early in a desperate rush to fit it all in before so many people go away back home for the main event! Still, there’s lots that stay too, more and more each year as costs increase faster than salaries, and it will be good to see you all.

The chamber choir at the Mission to Seafarers Concert last Thursday started with an interesting version of a well known song (Es ist ein Ros) – listening to it on my computer it’s a bit boring but in the acoustic of our church it was absolutely magical as the chords meshed in an out of focus. Reminded me of when they did Lux Arumque (It’s about time they put some quality youtube clips out of their own performances as they are as good as the links I give 😉 ) On Friday of course we had our own Nativity and carols service pictured above with a real live baby Jesus. The children were of course wonderful but I think only the Friday school teachers will appreciate how much it takes to get such a bunch together! On Saturday we had a Christingle and carols service – at the DESC there are thick curtains so we could enjoy the candles in darkness with the lights off very well. That was followed by a Guides and Brownies Christingle in the same hall so we darkened it again for that and there had my second mince pie of the season.Guides Brownies Rainbow Christingle service at Academic City 2014 (800x450) I do find this time of year very moving, normally because of the memories of years past but this year it is the recent years past that are uppermost in my mind because we’re leaving Dubai. So many beautiful Nativity plays and Uniformed Organisations services we have done together! Memories of eleven Christmas concerts each from the Dubai Chamber Choir and Dubai Singers to add to the mix of feelings as I hear their wonderful harmonies fill our church – how much I long for their concerts, filled with words of Christian teaching and worship, to be sung to God rather than to the audience, and for the audience to become, with the choir, a congregation praising God! Of course many in their concerts ARE praising God and I encourage you not to let this warm up be the heart of your Christmas – come for the main event!

Christmas Midnight 11pm, and Christmas Day 9.30am. If you have family visiting who have missed it, or just want to sing some more carols and pray to God together, we have another Christingle service at Christ Church on the 28th at 6pm.

And of course, don’t forget we’re open every week for private prayer, and any Friday 9.30am, Saturday 9.30am (Academic City) and Sunday 7.30pm to join with others to sing carols galore until 12th night :) .

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