Every year, registered members of the churches throughout the Chaplaincy are invited to submit proposals for charities – that they know, support or are connected with – to receive financial support from the Chaplaincy in the next calendar year.

This is a four-stage process:

  • Nominations are made by church members – you!
  • Nominations are reviewed and short listed by Local Church Committees.
  • Short listed nominations are reviewed by the Chaplaincy Charities Committee, who then make their recommendations to the Chaplaincy Council.
  • Financial awards are made by Chaplaincy Council.

Eligible charities

The charity you want to nominate does not have to be ‘exclusively’ Christian. In the past, awards have been made to projects and organisations who’s work focuses on community development, training, education, evangelical outreach, medical services – in fact almost anything! And the charity can be at work here, in the region or diocese, your home country in fact anywhere will be prayerfully considered. However, please note that nominations from members should not normally be for ’emergency’ appeal types of charities.

Every request will be  prayerfully considered, however a positive response cannot always be made. No charity is necessarily guaranteed support on a continuing basis – awards will normally only be given once only in order to involve as many members of the congregation as possible and to get as wide a geographical spread as is represented by the congregation.  

Making your nomination

You can do this by picking up a nomination form from church (or download it here), completing it and handing it in to the Church Office or the Charities Representative at church, or leave it in the Church Office.

Charity Nomination Form

All applications must include:

  • A detailed description of the charity or organisation (and of any specific project you want to support).
  • Some official brochure, pamphlet or recent report from the organisation. A link to the organisation’s website would also be very useful.
  • A brief explanation of your connection or relationship with the organisation.
  • If the charity has previously received support from the Chaplaincy, you need to explain why they should receive additional funding.
  • Your undertaking to be the ‘point of contact’ for that charity and ensure that we get reports at least every six months.

What happens next?

  • Nominations are usually reviewed by Local Church Committees during October – and you will be notified if your nomination is short listed or not.
  • If your nomination is short listed, you will be asked to complete a Charity Bank Details Form. (Awards cannot be paid into personal accounts or by personal cheques).
  • The final decisions of the Chaplaincy Council will be announced in November or early December, with the aim of making the payments to the charity organisations before the end of the calendar year.

Charity Bank Details Form

Please remember…

  • You must be a registered church member.
  • While all nominations will be considered, there is no guarantees that any nomination will be approved.
  • There are no guarantees that any charity will receive ongoing (year-on-year) support.
  • If your charity does receive support, you must ensure that we receive reports/feedback at least every six months.