Back together again

This summer my wife and I have been apart for the longest we’ve ever been apart since we married – for some of you 6 weeks will be a doddle as you only see your family once a year, and for others it will seem like AGES! It’s been so long that the weather has even changed – it is so cool now that I had to turn on the hot water to have a shower the other day. I must say I’m getting quite used to looking after myself and in recent weeks I even cooked a meal that involved both a saucepan AND the oven. I have noted where the vacuum cleaner is and the garden is still green so all is in order for my wife’s return. I am  looking forward to it :).

In the mean time, we have an EGM coming up. At church you can pick up a list of proposed motions, and the Chaplaincy Council’s decisions on each one – come to any of our services to find out more: Fridays 9.30am Jebel Ali, Saturdays 9.30am Academic City, Sundays 7.30pm Jebel Ali. After the service each week, if you have questions about it, or you are not sure of some of the legal terms (eg. EGM) then do please gather and talk about it after the services each week. This is the first time we are gathering as a chaplaincy together since our AGM in April and there are important decisions to be made. Only those members on the electoral role with a valid visa ID will be allowed in to vote though – we don’t want Rent-a-crowd, but prayerful support. We are five churches in the chaplaincy in Dubai, Sharjah, RAK, Fujeirah, and of course us, in Jebel Ali, and our bishop will be praying for us :). It is hoped that any questions you have about any of the motions can be answered in church before the day to minimise the time needed for clarification on the day so please do come to church and get yourself clear on it all.

My getting back together with my wife and family may be a bit more joyful and peaceful than our chaplaincy getting together for the task we have set before us, but I encourage you to attend the EGM with equal cheerfulness in the wonder of being part of such a varied fellowship.

Through it all, let us try to listen to hear what God might teach us through all this, and walk with Christ, loving this body of Christ of which we are part. Here’s us in Christ Church, trying to listen :)


One thought on “Back together again

  1. Dear fellow CCJA parishioners and Steve,

    Miss you all since my last visit in April 2014, especially hi to Mark! Have not been really vigilant in following your blog, Steve, during your sabbatical, and so have somehow missed news of your Santiago de Campostela pilgrimage. Is there a special link for that? As I told you before your departure, a French teacher colleague of mine, Anne, did it in the summer of 2013, and I’m so intrigued about the spiritual possibilities of it (although I wonder about the physical challenges! :) ).

    In any case, welcome back to CCJA!


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