Advent Breakfast

As far as business breakfasts go, the one I had today was really tasty! Eight businessmen and I were having a late breakfast in Coffee Pushkin in the DWC Business Park , but although they are recommended by others (and also by me), their website  is not ready!

I was going to visit and pray for the new offices of a church member who had just moved in a few weeks ago, but his company website is also, not ready!

It was so interesting there that for the wedding I had afterwards the groom, family, AND bride all arrived at the church before I did, and so I myself was, not ready!

But whenever Jesus comes again, he will find me ready already.

We look forward to his return and all that that means, celebrating it this weekend with the singing group, Jubilate, visiting us for an Advent Carols service on Sunday evening at 7.30pm, as well as on Friday morning at 9.30am, and on Saturday morning at 9.30am. Location map here


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